Are you looking to create a Music Album Covers


An album cover (also known as album art) is the front packaging art of a commercially released studio album or other audio recordings. this can be used for

  • Online Streaming Albums
  • Vinyl Records

  • CD case coves (good old days)

The Album art or album cover art remains a vital space to grab attention, contextualize a song, or tell the story of a whole album.
The image leads the right people to your music and turns passive listening into active listening. That means turning casual listeners into super-fans. So it is essential to create amazing eye-catchy album cover art that can make an impression on listeners of your song. 80% of people decide based on the album cover even they should listen to or ignore

Making something that will catch people’s eyes within seconds is important. People only have that time to instantly attach to what you create.

—Mihailo Andic

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